Cohorse is the name of the point on the north bank of the Jones River a little above the Mayflower Worsted Works and Hilholm Farm, and on the opposite side from Pall Mall. Certain attempts to explain the name have been made, among others, that it signifies an enclosure for sheep or poultry, from cohors or cors. Another explanation (and a more likely one) is "cohorse" is a misspelling of the old Indian word "coos", the word we find still used in New Hampshire as the name of a county and of at least one community. The word "coos" means "the crossing place" and it may be a coincidence, but the old trail to Satucket (Bridgewater), crossed Jones River a short distance above the Mayflower Worsted Company's Mill, and not far back from the old Willett-Faunce house. Until the present bridgewater Road was laid out, that was the way all travel to the westward went. It was the place where the Indian trail crossed over the stream, and was the old Algonquian term for this crossing.

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