Cuff's Spring is located on the southerly slope of the hill north of the Pumping Station of the town's water system, is a well, brick-walled and covered over. Old Cuffie, as he was called, was a slave owned by one of our wealthier Kingston families. He married Violette, a negro woman, and they lived in a little cabin under the hill near the Pumping Station. The spring was their water supply, and was considered a very good and unfailing spring. When the second Aqueduct Association was formed, of the old one which had taken water from the Fountain Head was expanded, water was taken from Cuff's Spring, pumped to a reservoir on the land now or recently owned by Mrs. Alice (Nichols) Burrage, from which it flowed through pipes (metal pipes now) into the homes of the subscribers. When the town system was installed, or soon after, the old system was abandoned.

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