The River Reaches: as all are aware of how crooked the Jones River is in its lower wanderings, the long turns and tacks are called "reaches", which Webster defines as "Straight portions of a stream or river, as from one turn to another".

From the old Lumber Yard to Mr. Alexander Holmes's boat wharf at the Flat House Dock is Short Reach; from the Holmes wharf to the mouth of Smelt Brook is the Long Reach; and from the Smelt Brook to the Bay, the last long stretch is called the Mouth of the River Reach.

At the bend in the river where Long Reach ends, and opposite the mouth of Smelt Brook is a little island, now much smaller than formerly, probably being constantly worn away by action of tides and the flow of the stream. This is Cooke's Island; and the thin stream which separated the island from the mainland is called, in good old English parlance, Phebe's Gut.

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