Spirit Pasture is located in the Rocky Nook district. The old road from Plymouth to Kingston followed the present layout of Crescent Street, going around the boggy, marshy tract through which the highway now runs, and where the Rocky Nook garage, numerous filling stations, and the Dutchland Farms sales place now stand. The following is from Dr. Thomas B. Drew's description of Spirit Pasture:

"The swampy pasture, situated between the junction of the old and new roads to Plymouth, at Rocky Nook, has for an unknown period borne the name given above. In the olden times, when the belief in ghosts, witches, and hobgoblins really produced an effect upon the minds of men, this locality was credited with being the abode of such beings, and many aged persons have given their testimony of the courage it required to pass the place in the night-time, for any unusual sound, even the rustling of a leaf, would be enough to send a thrill of horror to the faint-hearted. It is related that a certain judge, while on his way to attend a session of court at Plymouth, was detained, so that he did not reach Kingston until after dark, and while passing the dreaded place heard a most dismal sound, accompanied at intervals by the clanking of a chain. At first a sudden fear came upon him, but he was determined to know what was the cause of the noises that had so startled him, and he therefore called at the house of Colonel Gray, who lived just opposite, and informed him what he had heard.

The colonel took his lantern and walked with the judge into the pasture in the direction whence the sounds proceeded, all the while feeling doubtful what discovery they would make in that lonely spot where spirits were believed to abound. An old horse had been fastened with a chain about his leg, but had broken away from his confinement and fallen into a large howl (where rocks had been taken from the ground), in such a manner that the poor animal was unable to get out. When the judge and colonel reached the place, the "spiritual manifestation" was explained. In more modern times, as the old superstitious ideas have in a measure passed away, many have been the plots and schemes laid to frighten people in that locality, especially those who were known to be returning from some jovial occasion. Within a few years the appearance of this tract of land has greatly changed, yet it will probably continue to be known as the Spirit or Ghost Pasture".

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